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There are many different options that you can add to your operating system. 

Below are some of the options that we have found to be the most popular. 


 SAFETY EDGES- ANSI/ULrequires motorized commercial and industrial doors to include a monitored external entrapment protection device for installations where momentary contact is used on the close button control,

While motorized doors and gates are convenient and efficient , they can create a dangerous situation for people, vehicles and objects in their path.

Safety edges when touched, the edge compresses, causing the contact elements to touch and send an immediate electrical signal to the motor to stop and/or reverse.

TIMERS- This feature can aid in the security and traffic flow of the facility.  The timer will allow the door to be open for a predetermined amount of time, closing, thus securing the area for any unauthorized vehicles.  It has a day, night and holiday mode.


INTERCOM CALLBOXES- Exterior/Interior intercoms is a wireless long range two-way voice intercom/callboxes with a remote control system.  Exterior intercom is a heavy duty speaker and weather resistant call button. The interior intercom can be wall or desk mounted with a release button to activate relay to open a gate or door.


 COMMERCIAL PHOTO CELL EYES - Commercial photo cell eyes detects objects in front of the beam, thus sending a signal to the operator to reverse/and or open the door.  Infrared sensors with the sender and receiver units are available in hooded metal enclosures.  Heater is standard to keep frost and moisture free for NEMA  4 rated for outdoor use.


Motion Detectors - Unidirection or Bidirectional Motion Detectors can discriminate between pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  This is a great option to choose if you have heavy traffic coming into the plant or facility, ie: car repair shops. 


CARD READERS - Are a great option for gated communities and private parking garages.  Insert the card, the gate arm goes up and traffic flows while being secured.

 TRAFFIC CONTROL LIGHTS - Use this option for heavy warehouse traffic.  It allows those driving the forklifts or pedestrian traffic the knowledge that oncoming traffic is approaching through the door The colors displayed are red and green.


The above are not the only options that a commercial operator has.  Give us a call at  513-872-0888  to discuss your situation and we will be glad to advise you of your options.