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Locate the  cord hanging down from the carriage that runs along the rail  that lifts your door. You may need a ladder depending upon your height.  Pull down on the cord (usually red) or rounded handle, you may have to pull hard, releasing the door from the locking system.  This allows the manual lifting of opening and closing the garage door.  Remember if you don't have a lock on the garage door, make sure you lock your entry door to the home.

If you happen to lose electricity due to a storm or other event and need to get your car out of the garage, no worries you can get out!


 How can I disconnect my operator so I can get my car out of the garage.

To reconnect to the carriage , pull the emergency release cord and/or handle towards the motor of the operator, keep the cord as parallel to the rail which the carriage is on.  Give the cord a slight yank to reconnect.


We do not recommend trying to open your door with a broken spring.  The spring may not be completely broken yet and when lifting could break more, causing damage to you or your car. 

My garage door spring is broke and I can't open the door.

What if the electric is out and I need to get in the house through the garage door?

You can purchase an Emergency Release Lock, it is a cable release lock that is placed on the front  of the door.  With a key, you turn it and then pull the cylinder out , causing the cable to release the door from the chain carrier so you can lift the door. We carry this in stock, give us a call at  513-872-0888   if it something you think you may want as a precaution.  

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