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Every couple of months clear cobwebs and dirt away from the infra red eyes.  It can cause the eye to act as if an object is in front of it and the garage door won't close.

Keep the garage door track free of cobwebs and dirt, lubricate your garage door every 6 months with a silicone lubricant .  Spray the rollers, hinges and springs lightly. 


If you have a motor operator attached to the door, this should be sprayed with low temperate grease. Run the garage door up and down a few times to evenly spread the lubricant. This will help to avoid costly repairs.


Do not run the door up and down several times in a row, this could cause the operator to over heat and shut down until the operator cools, the operator could take up to a 1/2 an hour to cool down.


It is recommended to adjust the springs and tension of the door, THIS COULD CAUSE HARM TO YOU OR YOUR CAR  if you don't know what  your are doing.  Give us a call and schedule service at 513-872-0888 and we can do it for you.


What can I do to keep my garage door and operator maintained during the year?


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