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Different door manufacture's come with  different standard colors. Basically they are white, brown, sandstone, beige and a green.

If the manufacture's standard colors are not right for your home, you can paint the garage door.  


There are several useful tips when painting the door:

When choosing your paint, be sure to buy a quality primer and exterior metal door paint with a medium-glossy sheen so it can adhere to the surface of your metal door.

Use a small roller and fine nap roller when painting.  You may need a small trim brush for the edges.

Check the weather report. In order for the paint to dry properly, temperatures shouldn't be too hot or too cold.  You should have a least a couple days of no rain. Start early in the day.


Clean off the surface of the door to wash away any dirt particles or grease that may be on the door.


Tape all the edges around the door to keep your siding/trim/ brick from getting painted.


Lay a tarp or cardboard down to avoid getting spills on your concrete or garage floor.

Prime the door with an outdoor metal primer.


Experts recommend 4 coats of paint.  The first coat is the primer, it should be left to dry overnight to achieve the best bond.  ( Check the instructions on your primer)

Roll on the second coat of paint the next morning and allow it to dry at least 6 hours for a quality basecoat.  Apply the third coat and let it dry overnight.   The next day sand any minor runs, bubbles or lines gently away and apply the last coat of paint to cover any minor blemishes.  Let it dry overnight.


A helpful hint is you might want to start at the lowest panel, lifting the door to the height where you are comfortable painting and lower the door as you paint.



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