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Do I have enough headroom in my garage to put an operator on the garage door?


Aresidential door needs about 4 1/2 inches of headroom to allow the door to go up and the operator needs a little more, a minimum of 6 1/2 inches of headroom.


What is the difference between a chain driven,  belt driven operator or screw drive operator?   



 Chain drives uses a metal chain to run the garage door through the tracks.  The chain drive operator is one of the biggest sellers and are the most common used drive and are the least expensive.

The chain drive is a little noisier that the other drives.  Our experience is the chain drive requires less maintenance over time.

Belt drives are thought to be the best opener available.  Belt drive openers run a on rubber belt and are as reliable as chain drives, but are quieter.  Belt drives are more expensive than chain, and in our experience requires more maintenance over time.

Screw drives use a lifting device that runs along a threaded steel rod.  There are fewer moving parts in the screw drive which should require less maintenance.  We live in a climate that has drastic temperature changes.  The screw drive will not stand up to drastic temperature change and  is slower moving and noisy. 


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Division Overhead Door, Inc. sells the Chamberlin/Liftmaster dealer's operators series.  You cannot purchase the same model in a home improvement store.  Our models are more durable and can only be purchased when we install the system.




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