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 Heavy duty commercial and or industrial Rolling Steel Doors are built to last the lifetime of the building with very little cost of maintenance.


Advantages of Rolling Steel Doors over Sectional Doors


  • Rolling Steel Doors heavy duty springs are protected and sealed inside the barrel, thus protecting the springs from the environment.
  • Rolling Steel Doors have fewer parts than sectional doors, therefore preventing less downtime and saving monies.
  • Rolling Steel Doors are placed through a guide, driven by a heavy chain or commercial operator.  No cables to fray or break.
  • Rolling Steel  Door is typically made of  durable steel, providing better  security and durability.
  •  Rolling steel provides  less damage to the door if hit.
  • Rolling Steel is mounted to the face of the wall and supported by the vertical wall and requires  no connection to the ceiling or roof structure.
  •   Sectional doors have cables, they can fray or break causing the door to fall
  • Rollers can bind up and seize.
  • Sectional door springs are exposed and the environment temperatures,  thus resulting in corrosion.
  • Sectional garage doors have over 30 moving parts that are all exposed and effected by dirt, debris and damage.
  • Employees often over exert downward pressure on a sectional door, slamming it closed, causing it to jump off the cable or tracks.
  • It may take longer for a sectional door to be repaired
  • During the first 10 years you will spend on average 5 times more to keep the sectional door working versus a Rolling Steel Door.



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